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Pic of the Day

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Friday, May 21, 2010

Christian V Siriano: Summer Blues (2010)

Siriano's creative background is definitely doing some work here...his
Spring/Summer 2010 Collection is absolutely something to look at. I love the blues!!! I love the flowing dresses, the silk fabrics..it's really edgy and sheeeek! The cat woman suit however is a bit much for me but...IT has the WORX!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Princess and Prince of Hip Hop

Drake and Nicki Minaj are back at it again with their "Bonnie and Clyde" Mixtape Release Summer 2010, listen by following the link.

We are all too familiar with Nicki Minaj and Drizzy Drake..their releases have been all over the radio, all over tv, all over the world, but we can't get enuff of them...YOUNG MONEY IS TAKING OVER!

Tickle Your Fancy (Summer Favorites)

Balenciaga Eyewear 2010..Covered..

STYLE THIS SUMMER in your favorite eye wear. I just love these shades...optical elegance...NUFF said>>>> IT WORX!

Trousers, Bags and Vuitton Appeal


Upcoming entertainers/entrepreneurs Uncleleff and Henry Rogerss are trekking across the US to start up their own show here in HotLanta entitled "Ahead of My Class"...make sure you add them as friends on facebook and join and support their group. Follow them on twitter @uncleleff @henryrogerss

THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT, courtesy of miSSibri>>> signed-sealed-delivered!

>>> IT WORX!

A Must See...Controversy In Axn

So everyone is making a huge deal about the young girls dancing to "Single Ladies"...I think it was a bit much for these TODDLERS to be gyrating so hard, but I must admit..the DANCE>>> IT WORX!!! visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4ew2XoCxcM&feature=related

Music Madness

Unthinkable (I'm Ready) listen here...#1 on the Hip Hop and R&B Billboard charts

Now Put Your Hands Up

$60 minx mani $60 minx pedi @ Poochiez Paws in Atl, Ga call 404-344-3358/404-423-4460 ask for Poochie

Phunky Phresh Trends

Vitkor and Rolf Fall 2010

Sophisticated-turned-sheek style! And the boys are hott!!!

- men- gathered & cropped harem
- women- the FUSCHIA is eye popping, just fab! I love the emphasis on the shoulders! IT WORX!

Flat Bottom Trekkers- Christian Louboutin 2010

New from the 2010 Louboutin Spring Collection- Louis Studded High Top Sneaker for you Risky Roqrs! Starting @ $835